Corona - a chance for

Our new Europe

For EU advocates, opponents and critics - for you too!



Image:  Get up - vote - fight! -  With the ballot!
Get up - vote - fight! - With the ballot!



Results after 5 years

Piteous - disappointing - insufficient!





Citizens' revolt - viral - online!

We change Europe bottom-up!



Image:  Manifesto for a Europe of the citizens, with and for us citizens!
Manifesto for a Europe of the citizens, with and for us citizens!




Step 1: Vote!

All Europeans - here and now!



A. Brussels
EU advocates  


EU+: Strengthened

Business as usual!

An ever closer Union: USE!

No alternative!

No way back!

"We can do it"!

Top down!

Without referenda!

Without the citizens?

Image: Ballot A - More power to Brussels!
More power to Brussels!
EU Commission


B. Brexit

EU opponents 

Bild: UK Flagge


 EU-: Reduced
National independence!

We want our country back!
Our own laws!
Our own deals!
Free trade!

Good neighbors!
Sovereign and free!

End of the EU?

Image: Ballot B - Brexit, all shall benefit!
All shall benefit!
Image: So that all shall benefit!


C. Citizens

EU critics

"Flag" Our New Europe


EU*: Reformed
With and for all Europe!

Digital democracy!

Diversity! - Subsidiarity! 

Each crisis is a chance!

We shall do it - together!
With r

Bottom up!
Are you ready to fight?

Image: Ballot C - Citizens
Europe for and with us Europeans!
Image: Europe to us Europeans!




Who does not want to vote with ballot A, B, or C, answers at least 1 question of the questionnaire.
(e.g. question 4:


Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)
My questionnaire

Get up!

Grow up!
Change Europe!

Decide! - Now!




Step 2: Campaign!

Win your friends - for our new Europe - online!


1. Social media

 Share - Like - Follow - Post! 



2. E-mails!

 Viral distribution!

E-mail to your friends!



3. Corona

 Tweet - Post - Mail!

Democratic Manifesto.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 128.8 KB


4. Petition

To our politicians / Brussels!

For our new Europe!
Adobe Acrobat Document 29.1 KB


5. Petitioners

Millions of convinced Europeans!

Vote with Ballot C!
Adobe Acrobat Document 63.2 KB


6. Constitution for Europe

For democracy, diversity, freedom!

Preliminary draft
Constitution CES.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 111.7 KB



Step 3: Referenda

Toward our new Europe!



Petition "For a Europe close to its citizens" to Europe's politicians 


"...... Conscious of our own responsibility for the future of our continent, we shall stand up for our new Europe persistently, resolutely and with peaceful means, until you, Ladies and Gentlemen, will implement the requests of this petition democratically, together with us Europeans, beginning with a pan-European referendum, in which we citizens in each European country shall determine how we want it to participate in our new Europe!"


Citizens for a new Europe



Image:  We can do it - millions of citizens - in record time! - foto: ARD
We can do it - millions of citizens - in record time!