We want and dare the 21st century democracy!

Our new Europe!

Citizens throughout Europe, unite!



Image: We conquer Europe with the ballot!
Wanted: Committed citizens - 10 minutes online for your Europe!




Objective: Our new Europe - your Europe!


1.  diverse, democratic Europe, open to the world, in which we citizens decide in referenda on all crucial European issues (our country's role in Europe, European Constitution, Euro, immigration,..): the post-"Brussels"/Brexit Europe!


2.  A prosperous, strong, subsidiary Europe from Vladivostok to Reykjavik, with sovereign, states, cooperating efficiently, peacefully, according to the will of us, citizens !


3.  A Europe that takes us seriously as enlightened, responsible, empowered citizens and convinced, emancipated, judicious Europeans: We have the final say - with the ballot!





The Path

Democratic reforms to avoid disaster!




I.  Test referendum on 21st century democracy in Europe  - on www.our-new-europe.eu !

  • Millions of citizens ask for a Europe of the citizens, with and for us citizens!
  • Growing pressure of EU critical political parties!
  • Governments and parliaments in Europe and the EU ask for a new Europe!
  • EU sets the course (new Constitution, democratic EU-elections) and invites all European countries to participate!



II.  Democratic implementation in all member countries!

  1. All-European referendum on the own country's role in Europe
    • in the politically integrated core Europe, the common market or free trade?
    • in developin a new European Constitution
  2. New European Constitution:  
    • Election of the Constitutional Assembly!
    • Ratification by referendum!
  3. All-European election of European Government / Parliament!







Results online!

Our new Europe:


- Exact wording of the questions, answers and the petition: see questionnaire;  
- Detail results:   Scenarios, Constitution, regional autonomy; Euro, refugees, Ukraine;







I. Vote!

Which Europe do you want?



 1. "Brussels"

for EU advocates 


EU+Business as usual

  • An ever closer Union -
    United States of Europe
  • Top down!
    No referenda!
    No alternative!


Ballot A

Image: Ballot A - Brussels

EU disintegrating?


Who, as an EU advocate, wants to stabilize the EU, chooses a future-oriented, variable, democratic Europe for and with the citizens, i.e.:

  1. Ballot C + campaign for our new Europe!
  2. In the 1st all-European referendum: the own country's position in Europe in its politically integrated core!  


 2. "Brexit"

for EU opponents 

Bild: UK Flagge


 EU-Leave the EU! 

  • 1 decreed ad-hoc referendum: in or out?
  • Free trade and a 
    successful European cooperation!


Ballot B

Image: Ballot B - Brexit

Against Europe?


Who, as an opponent of the EU, wants to ensure a prosperous and peaceful cooperation, benefical for all countries all over Europe, chooses:

  1. Ballot C + campaign for our new Europe!
  2. In the 1st all-European referendum: the own country's position in the European free trade!


 3. "Citizens"

for EU critics 

"Flag" Our New Europe


EU*: Rebuild bottom-up!

  • All-european referenda on all crucial issues!
  • Successfully oooperating sovereign member states!


Ballot C 

Image: Ballot C - Citizens


Trust the citizens?


No new, diverse, democratic Europe without  mutual trutst between its sovereign citizens and the servant State, i.e.

  1. Regular all-European referenda on all crucial European issues!
  2. Millions of ballots C for the new Europe of committed, empowered citizens and convinced Europeans!  


 4. Alternative

for the undecided

If you do not want to vote with one of the ballots A, B or C, please answer at least 1 question of the questionnaire and/or sign the petition (question 4)! - Thank you!



Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)


Swiss-like democracy?


21st cent. direct democracy at the European level, if and where citizens want it:

  1. ReferendaE-voting - gradually - learning by voting!
  2. Create empowered citizens and convinced Europeans!
Bild: Schweiz Flagge



II. Campaign!

Convince family, friends and acquaintances!


1. Your posts, tweets,..!

 Share! Follow! Like,.....!



2. Your e-mails!

 to friends and acqaintances,...!

E-mail to your friends!



3. Your propagation

 in social / local media



4. Your Petition

for your Europe 

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5. Your signature

for your Europe

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6. Your Constitution

for our new Europe 

European Constitution.pdf
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Image: Democratically toward a new Europe! - foto: ARD

An avalanche of votes for our new Europe!