The moment of truth for all Europeans!

Test of Europe's democacy

Millions of citizens throughout Europe ask for a diverse, democratic Europe!

Image: Dedicated, responsible, convinced Europeans!
Dedicated, responsible, convinced Europeans!




1.  A new, diverse, democratic Europe, in which we citizens shall decide in referenda on all crucial European issues!


2.  A cooperative, prosperous Europe, in which all European countries cooperate actively, efficiently and peacefully!


3.  A Europe, that takes us seriously as responsible, self-confident, grown-up, emancipated citizens and true, convinced, committed Europeans!


The Path



1st step: Our New Europe - a test for democracy in Europe
Millions of citizens throughout Europe ask for a new, diverse, democratic Europe! 



2nd step: Implementation

a) 1st all-European referendum: Participation in integrated core, single market or free trade? 
b) European Const. Assembly: Directly elected in 40 countries to elaborate Constitution

c) Ratification of the European Constitution: Referenda in 40 countries!
d) 1st all-European elections of European Government / Parliament in 40 countries!

Results online!

The citizens' Europe


- Exact wording of the questions, answers and the petition: see questionnaire;  
- Detail results:   Scenarios, Constitution, regional autonomy; Euro, refugees, Ukraine;




I. Choose your Europe!

Whom trust?


Ballot A: 'Brussels'

EU advocates

Image: EU summits;   Foto:
EU summits!

 EU+Business as usual

An ever closer Union - USE!

No alternative! No way back! 

"We shall do it!" - Top down!

Without referenda!


Take-over by "populists"?

Image: Ballot A - Brussels


Ballot B: 'Brexit'

 EU opponents 

Theresa May, Donald Tusk, Their Withdrawal Deal!
Brexit deallings!

 EU-Leave the EU! 

Ad-hoc referendum:  in/out!
National independence:

"We want our country back!"
Free trade! 
Good neighbours!
Chaos! "Vassal State?"

Bild: UK Flagge
Image: Ballot B - Brexit


Ballot C:'Citizens'

 Dedicated Europeans 

Image: Europe to the Europeans!
Europe to the Europeans!

EU*Our new Europe

Referenda - bottom up!

Democratic! Diverse!

Crises are opportunities!
We shall do it, all over Europe!
Citizens competent?

Image: Ballot C - Citizens


Your own Ballot! 

 Complete questionnaire! 

Your own scenario 


If you do not want to vote with any of the ballots A, B or C, please answer at least one of the  questions of the questionnaire and / or sign the petition! for a new Europe (question 4)!


Thank you! 

Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)


II. Multiply your vote!

With families, friends and acquaintances!


1. Send e-mails
to friends and acquaintances!

E-mail to your friends!


2. Post, tweet,..!

 Follow, like,.....! 


3. Propagate!
Local media!


III. We citizens can do it!

Implementation with referanda and a new Constitution


1. Petition

for our new Europe 

Adobe Acrobat Document 25.1 KB


2. Avant-gard

in each country

Adobe Acrobat Document 63.2 KB


3. Constitution

of the citizens 

European Constitution.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 97.9 KB

Image: Democratically toward a new Europe! - foto: ARD
Democratically toward a new Europe!