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Our New Europe

We millions of citizens across Europe can do it - viral-democratically!


Image:  Referenda - our sword of Damocles!
Referenda - our sword of Damocles!


Our new Europe - with and for us citizens!


1.   A diverse, democratic Europe, open to the world, in which we citizens determine, in referenda, the European issues we want to resolve ourselves in referenda: e.g. our country's role in Europe, the European Constitution, the euro, immigration, but also climate change, pandemics ...


2.   A prosperous, strong, subsidiary and free Europe from Vladivostok to Reykjavik, in which all countries cooperate peacefully, efficiently, to the benefit of all countries and peoples, according to the will of us, citizens.


3.   A Europe that takes us seriously als its sovereign, responsible, self-confident, empowered citizens and convinced, emancipated and critical Europeans - since we decide in Europe - with the ballot! 





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Petion for our new Europe
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