Objective: A new Europe!


With 100 million dedicated Europeans!

We can do it - with the ballot!


Image: The Europe of the citizens, with and for the citizens! - Foto ARD

1. Objectives "Our New Europe"



1 million votes from all over Europe on
"Our New Europe" for a new Europe!



10 million votes for a new Europe!
EU-Parliament for a new EU!



100 million votes for a new Europe!
10 national Parliaments for a new EU!
2. All-European referenda



1st European Referendum:
40 countries for a new European Union!



Europäischer Constitutional Assembly
Elections in 40 countries!



Ratification of the European Constitution
Referenda in 40 countries!


I. Results on-line
Slow beginning!
Lack of knowledge or of interest?


Exact wording of the questions, answers and the petition: questionnaire;  Detail results: Scenarios, Constitution, regional autonomy; Europe, refugees, Ukraine


II. Your Europe!


Ballot A: Brussels

EU+: business as usual!

Top down: Closer Union!
USE! No alternative!

EU advocates

Image: EU Flag
Image: Ballot A - Brussels


Ballot B: Brexit

EU-: Leave the EU!

By Referendum!
National autonomy!

EU opponents

Image: UK Flag
Image: Ballot B - Brexit


Ballot C: Citizens

EU* new by referenda!

Bottom up! Diverse, 
Open to all Europe!
The 3rd path! 

Image: Switzerland Flag
Image: Ballot C - Citizens


Personal Ballot! 

Complete questionnaire!

Answer at least 1 question!

Sign the petition! 

Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)


III. An avalanche of ballots
in your country!


1. Email to friends!

100 mio. dedicated citizens 
for a new Europe:

Vote! (en)


2. Post, tweet..!


3. Link!






1. Petition

Adobe Acrobat Document 26.9 KB


2. Video
Personal Message


3. Constitution

Constitution CES.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 874.1 KB

Preamble of a Constitution for Europe!

“We the citizens adopt the following Constitution of a democratic and diverse, strong and peace-making, free, fair and prosperous Community of European States (CES), open to all European countries.”  -  (Draft)

Image: "Avalanche of ballots" for an new Europe! - foto: ARD
"Avalanche of ballots" for an new Europe!


IV. The crucial question
Whom do you trust?

The citizens - with referenda?

For our new Europe!


Image: We move mountains - for our peace project!  Foto: ARD, www.tagesschau.de
We move mountains - for our peace project!

The Politicians - "Brussels"?

Business as usual!


Image: Crises management - "We can do it!";   foto: mobil.mz-web.de
Crises management - "We can do it!"


No vote means business as usual!
Europe's future is in your hands!
Europe needs YOU, citizens!


Vote! Votojnë! Քվեարկեք! Səs! Glasaj! Гласувай! Stem! Stimmen Sie ab! Hääletage! Äänestä! Votez! მისმიცემა! Ψηφίστε! Vóta! Kjósa! Votate! Дауыс беру! Glasajte! Balsojiet! Balsuoti! Votazzjoni! Votar! Гласаaт! Stemmen! Stem! Głosuj! Vote! Voteaza! Проголосуйте! Rösta! Bozkatu! Гласајте! Hlasujte! Glasuj! Vote! Hlasujte! Oy! Голосувати! Szavazzon! Галасаваць!


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