We Europeans can do it:

OUR new Europe

Democracy, peace, freedom, human and citizens' rights!



Image:  Vote, fight and win - together!
Vote, fight and win - together!


Picture: Map of Europe - Petition for a new Europe - number of signatures, state 01.01.2021
State: 01.01.2021




1. Choose YOUR Europe!


A. Brussels
EU advocates  

EU+: Reinforced


Business as usual!

Ever closer Union: USE!

"We can do it":


No referenda!

No alternative!


Image: Ballot A - More power to Brussels!


B. Brexit

EU opponents 

Bild: UK Flagge

 EU-: Reduced

National independence

Give us our country back!
Our own laws and deals!
Free trade!

Sovereign and free!


Image: Ballot B - Brexit, all shall benefit!


C. The 3rd path


"Flag" Our New Europe

EU*: Reformed

Virally democratic!

All citizens and Europe!
Each crisis is a chance!
We can do it - together!




Image: Ballot C - Citizens



Complete now!

Who does not want to vote with ballot A, B, C, answers at least 
1 question, e.g. by signing the petition 
Change Europe! 

Decide! - Now!


Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)




2. Let's fight TOGETHER - online!


 2. Viral E-mails!

 @ all friends & acquaintences!


Our new Europe



1. Viral social media

 Share - Like - Follow - Post! 


4. Petition

To our politicians / Brussels!

For our new Europe!
Adobe Acrobat Document 28.8 KB


5. Petitioners

Millions of convinced Europeans!

Vote with Ballot C!
Adobe Acrobat Document 88.7 KB


6. Constitution for Europe

For democracy, diversity, freedom!

Preliminary draft
Constitution CES.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 113.2 KB




3. We create our new Europe!

with emancipated citizens and disciplined politicians!

Image:  The 3rd path after Brussels and Brexit! - foto: ARD
The 3rd path after Brussels and Brexit!