What kind of Europe do you want?

Our new Europe!

EU reinforced, reduced or transformed?



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Our new Europe:


- Exact wording of the questions, answers and the petition: see questionnaire;  
- Detail results:   Scenarios, Constitution, regional autonomy; Euro, refugees, Ukraine;







I. Vote!

What kind of Europe do you want?



 A. "Brussels"

of EU advocates 



EU+Business as usual

An ever closer Union: USE!

  • Top down! 
  • We politicians can do it!
  • No referenda!
  • No alternative -
    No way back!

(Or a diverse, democratic Europe
+ your country in the politically integrated core Europe: Ballot C)


Ballot A

Image: Ballot A - Brussels


 B. "Brexit"

of EU opponents 


Bild: UK Flagge


 EU-: Nat. autonomy! 

23.6.16 Brexit-Referendum: 

  • Ignored by politicians!
  • Endless negociations!
  • Chaos or vassal state?
  • Europe of
    nation states!

(Or a diverse, democratic Europe

+ your country in the common market or free trade zone: Ballot C) 


Ballot B

Image: Ballot B - Brexit


 C. "Citizens"

of EU sceptics


"Flag" Our New Europe


EU*: Rebuilt bottom-up!


Mio. empowered citizens for:

  • More democracy!
  • All-european referenda!
  • Diversity of cooperating, self-determined states!
  • Responsible  #YouToo!

(Or as usual: trust your politicians and vote only once every 5 years in "European" elections: Ballot A or B)


Ballot C 

Image: Ballot C - Citizens


 D. Alternative

for the undecided


If you don't want to vote with the ballots A, B or C, answer at least 1 question of the questionnaire and/or sign the petition (question 4)! 
Thank you!


Who does not vote, accepts:

  • EU: busines as usual, a technocratic bureaucracy
  • Without referenda!
  • Europe without you? 
Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)



II. A democratic, diverse Europe

with millions of committed citizens throughout Europe - #YouToo !


1. Social media

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2. E-mails!

 to friends and acqaintances,...!

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3. Banner

 EU reinforced, reduced or transformed?



4. Petition

for our new Europe 

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5. Signatures

for our new Europe

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6. Constitution

for our new Europe 

Constitution CES.pdf
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Image: Democratically toward a new Europe! - foto: ARD

An avalanche of votes for our new Europe - online!