Citizens' revolution

for our new Europe!
Millions of votes online!




1.   A new, diverse, democratic Europe, in which we citizens shall decide in referenda on crucial European issues!


2.   A cooperative, prosperous Europe, in which all European countries cooperate actively, efficiently and peacefully!


3.   Convinced, empowered and responsible Europeans, who are taken seriously by "Brussels"!


We Europeans can do it - together!



I. Results on-line
Wanted: millions of responsible citizens!


Exact wording of the questions, answers and the petition: questionnaire;  Detail results: Scenarios, Constitution, regional autonomy; Europe, refugees, Ukraine


II. Vote now!
With a few clicks!


Ballot A: Brussels

EU+: business as usual!

Top down: Closer Union!
USE! No alternative!

EU advocates

Image: EU Flag
Image: Ballot A - Brussels


Ballot B: Brexit

EU-: Leave the EU!

By Referendum!
National autonomy!

EU opponents

Image: UK Flag
Image: Ballot B - Brexit


Ballot C: Citizens

EU* new: Referenda!

Bottom up! Diverse!

"Flag" Our New Europe
Image: Ballot C - Citizens


Your own Ballot! 

Complete yourself!

Answer at least 1 question!

Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)


III. On-line campaign!
Win your friends!


1. Emails!

E-mail to your friends!


2. Social media!


3. Link!   



1. Petition

for our new Europe

Adobe Acrobat Document 34.5 KB


2. Video
Our Message


3. Constitution

for a new Europe

Constitution for Europe.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 132.8 KB

Image: An "avalanche of ballots" for a new Europe! - foto: ARD
An "avalanche of ballots" for a new Europe!


We can do it - bottom-up - with you!

Vote! Votojnë! Քվեարկեք! Səs! Glasaj! Гласувай! Stem! Stimmen Sie ab! Hääletage! Äänestä! Votez! მისმიცემა! Ψηφίστε! Vóta! Kjósa! Votate! Дауыс беру! Glasajte! Balsojiet! Balsuoti! Votazzjoni! Votar! Гласаaт! Stemmen! Stem! Głosuj! Vote! Voteaza! Проголосуйте! Rösta! Bozkatu! Гласајте! Hlasujte! Glasuj! Vote! Hlasujte! Oy! Голосувати! Szavazzon! Галасаваць!


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