European online-revolution

For our new Europe,
democratic, diverse, cooperating -
for and with us Europeans!

Citizens throughout Europe unite!

Image: We, millions of responsible and happy Europeans shall do it - together!
We, millions of responsible and happy Europeans shall do it - together!


Objective: Our new Europe!


1.  A new, diverse, democratic, cooperating Europe, in which we citizens shall decide in referenda on all crucial European issues - the 3rd path between "Brussels" and Brexit!


2.  A cooperative, prosperous and strong Europe, in which all European countries cooperate actively, efficiently and peacefully!


3.  A Europe, that takes us seriously as responsible, self-confident, emancipated citizens and democratic, convinced, committed true Europeans - because we decide, with the ballot!

The Path: Referenda!


Citizens' revolt on A test of democracy troughout Europe!
Millions of frustrated citizens vote for a Europe of the citizens, with and for us the citizens! 



We decide, united in pan-European referenda and elections:

a) Referendum in all European countries: Participation in core, single market or free trade? 
b) European Constitutional Assembly: Direct election in all member countries 

c) Ratification of the European Constitution: Referenda in member countries!
d) 1st all-European elections of European Government / Parliament in member countries!

Results online!

Our new Europe:


- Exact wording of the questions, answers and the petition: see questionnaire;  
- Detail results:   Scenarios, Constitution, regional autonomy; Euro, refugees, Ukraine;




I. Choose your Europe!

Whom do you trust?

 Ballot A: 'Brussels'

of EU advocates

Image: EU summit Foto:
EU summet!

 EU+Business as usual

An ever closer Union - USE?

No alternative! No way back! 

"We politicians shall do it!"

Top down! Without referenda!
"Brussels decides"!

Image: Ballot A - Brussels

 Ballot B: 'Brexit'

of EU opponents 

Bild: Brexit negotiations, foto: nzz
Brexit negotiations

 EU-Leave the EU! 

Ad-hoc referendum:  in/out!
"We want our country back!"

Free trade! 
Good neighbours!
"Chaos" or "EU vassal state"?
Our politicians / EU decide!

Image: Ballot B - Brexit

 Ballot C:'Citizens'

 of empowered Europeans 

Bild: The Europeans' Europe
The Europeans' Europe

EU*Our new Europe

Democratic, diverse, cooperating!

Referenda - bottom up!

Crises are opportunities!
We citizens deliver - united!
We decide!

Image: Ballot C - Citizens

 Your own Ballot! 

 Complete questionnaire! 

If you do not want to vote with ballots A, B or C, answer at least one questions of the questionnaire and/or sign the petition (4) for a new Europe! Thank you! 

Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)


II. Campaign for your Europe!

United with families, friends and acquaintances!


1. Send e-mails
to friends and acquaintances!

E-mail to your friends!


2. Post, tweet,..!

 Follow, like,.....! 


3. Propagate!
Local media!


III. We can do it - together!

The united citizens of Europe


1. Petition

for our new Europe 

Adobe Acrobat Document 25.3 KB


2. Signatures

of the united citiyens of Europe

Adobe Acrobat Document 63.2 KB


3. Constitution

by and for us citizens 

European Constitution.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 97.9 KB

Image: Democratically toward a new Europe! - foto: ARD
Democratically toward a new Europe!