Our new Europe!

Democratically to democracy!  

You and 100 million committed citizens

all over Europe shall do it - by referenda! 


Vote for your Europe!


Picture: What kind of Europe do you want? - Foto ARD
What kind of Europe do you want? - Foto ARD
1. Mobilization
(on "Our New Europe")



10 mio. votes on  "Our New Europe"
for a new Europe!



100 mio. votes for a new Europe!
EU-Parliament for a new Europe!



200 mio. votes for a new Europe!
10 national Parliaments for a new Europe!
2. Implementation 
(Referenda throughout Europe)



1st Europe-Referendum:
40 countries for a new Europe!



European Const.Council
Direct election in 40 countries!



Ratification of Constitution
Referenda in 40 countries!



I. But nobody knows it!
Results on-line - after more than 2 years(!):


Exact wording of the questions, answers and the petition: questionnaire;  Detail results: Scenarios, Constitution, regional autonomy; Europe, refugees, Ukraine


II. The new Europe in your hands!
From your voice to 100 million!

1. Choose your Europe!


Ballot A: Brussels

EU+: business as usual!

Top down: Closer Union!
USE! No alternative!

EU advocates


Image: EU Flag
Image: Ballot A - Brussels


Ballot B: Brexit

EU-: Leave the EU!

By Referendum!
National autonomy!

EU opponents


Image: UK Flag
Image: Ballot B - Brexit


Ballot C: Citizens

EU* new by referenda!

Bottom up! Diverse, 
Open to all Europe!
EU sceptics


Image: Switzerland Flag
Image: Ballot C - Citizens


My own Ballot ! 

Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)

2. Mobilise your friends !

1. Email to friends!


100 Million dedicated citizens for a new Europe:

Vote! (en)

2. Post, tweet..!


3. Recommend !

  • Petition for a Europe close to the citizens
  • Banner "Our New Europe
  • Video: The Citizens' Europe
  • Constitution for our new Europe

3. Propagate throughout Europe
in papers, networks, on radio and TV!

1. Petition!

Adobe Acrobat Document 26.9 KB

3. Video!
The Citizens'Eurpe

4. Constitution!

Constitution CES.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 874.1 KB

Preamble of a Constitution for Europe!

“We the citizens adopt the following Constitution of a democratic and diverse, strong and peace-making, free, fair and prosperous Community of European States (CES), open to all European countries.”  -  (Draft)


III. The fundamental question:
"Bottom up" or "Top down"? 

Bottom up:
Voting right for al
l Europeans!


  1. "Our New Europe"!
    • Millions of Europeans vote for a new, democratic, diverse Europe!
    • Throughout Europe!
    • You too!

  2. The first referendum on Europe thoughout Europe:
    • What kind of Europe do you want?
    • What role should your country play in Europe?
  3. Politicians, accountable to us citizens!
    • Elected by us citizens!
    • Contolled by means of referenda! 
  4. A new, democratic European Constitution! 
    • A Constitutional assembly elected by us citizens!
    • A Constitution ratified in a national referendum! 
  5. A democratic learning process!
    • Millions of enthusiastic, responsible Europeans!
    • Taken seriously by our new Europe!
    • Committed and united by means of regular pan-European referenda!
  6. European Peace Project
    • A Europe of the citizens, with and for all citizens!
    • Peace, freedom, prosperity and democracy, justice, sustainability and human dignity throughout Europe!

Top down:

Brussels, as usual!

  1. Top down, against referenda: F, NL, IRL, GR, GB,..!
  2. Your opinion: not asked for or ignored e.g.:
    • Your country's role in Europe?
    • A new European Constitution?
    • New members: Turkey, Ukraine, Balkans,..?
    • Crises: Euro, refugees, Brexit, regional autonomy, Russia, Ukraine, Syria,..?
    • Who decides in Europe: Politicians or the citizens?

Your comments, ideas and suggestions:


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Image: a landslide of ballots triggers politician's U-turn! - Foto: ARD, www.tagesschau.de 19.9.14
Trigger a landslide of ballots for your new Europe!

We shall create our new Europe!


Together! - With the ballot!


With you!


 Thank you!