We millions of citizens create

Our new Europe!

For democracy, peace, freedom and human rights!



Image:  Get up - vote - fight! -  With the ballot!
Get up - vote - fight! - With the ballot!



1. Results after 5 years

Piteous - disappointing - insufficient!


Picture: Map of Europe - Petition for a new Europe - number of signatures, state 01.08.2020
State: 01.08.2020




2. Citizens' revolt - viral-digital!

We change Europe bottom-up - completely!




#OurNewEurope  -  #EuropeMatters  -  #YouMatter




Viral Manifesto for a more Democratic Europe

Citizens throughout Europe, wake up!
We demand a new democratic, diverse Europe of the citizens 
from Vladivostok to Reykjavik! 

  1. We Europeans and pro-democratic forces across Europe are launching on our-new-europe.eu a fundamental debate about the future of Europe, infecting with our democracy virus in a pandemic - similar to Corona - all Europe, including "Brussels", and demand then unmistakably, ultimately and successfully with many Millions of votes* our new democratic Europe - and we shall win!
  2. With referenda and dedication, enthusiasm, tolerance and self-confidence, we shall then - all together:
    • Implement our new prospering, cooperating, sustainable and diverse Europe;
    • Determine our country's role in our new Europe: freely associated or politically integrated;
    • Use Europe's crises (Corona, climate change, Brexit, refugees, Ukraine..) to strengthen it, so that it will, as a peace project, shine in the world for democracy, peace, freedom and human rights!
  3. Multiply your voice: Vote* for your Europe, and launch with at least 2* friends a viral* campaign,
    that will conquer your country by storm
    - We can do it! - Together! - You in front! - Here and n

*Exponential growth (unrestrained Corona): If you vote now with 2 friends and if these (and all following voters) do exactly the same each one within 1 day, 

there will be, after 10 days 1000 votes, after 20 days 1 million, and after 30 days 1 billion votes for our new Europe!





3. Vote here and now!

Together with millions of Europeans - online!



A. Brussels
EU advocates  

EU+: Reinforced


Business as usual!

Ever closer Union: USE!

No alternative!

No way back!

"We can do it"!

Top down!

Without referenda!

Citizens ignored?


Image: Ballot A - More power to Brussels!


B. Brexit

EU opponents 

Bild: UK Flagge

 EU-: Reduced

National independence

Give us our country back!
Our own laws!
Our own deals!
Free trade!

Sovereign and free!
Chance or danger?


Image: Ballot B - Brexit, all shall benefit!


C. Citizens

EU critics

"Flag" Our New Europe

EU*: Reformed

Virally democratic!

For all citizens and all countries in Europe!
Each crisis is a chance!
We can do it - together!


Citizens overstrained?


Image: Ballot C - Citizens



Complete now!

Who does not want to vote with ballot A, B, C, answers at least 
1 question of the questionnaire, e.g. by signing the petition 

Change Europe! 

Decide! - Now!


Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)




4. We conquer Europe!

In a virally democratic pandemic!


1. Social media

 Share - Like - Follow - Post! 



2. E-mails!

 Viral distribution!

E-mail to your friends!



3. Manifesto

 National Campaigns!

Portable Network Image Format 211.5 KB


4. Petition

To our politicians / Brussels!

For our new Europe!
Adobe Acrobat Document 28.9 KB


5. Petitioners

Millions of convinced Europeans!

Vote with Ballot C!
Adobe Acrobat Document 88.7 KB


6. Constitution for Europe

For democracy, diversity, freedom!

Preliminary draft
Constitution CES.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 111.1 KB



5. Referenda

Our sword of Damocles - politicians' nightmare!



Petition to Europe's politicians

For a Europe close to its citizens!


"...... Conscious of our own responsibility for the future of our continent, we shall campaign persistently, resolutely, viral-democratically and peacefully, together with all pro-democratic forces throughout Europe*, for our new, prosperous, strong Europe, open to the world, until you, Ladies and Gentlemen, will implement the four requests of this petition democratically, along with us citizens, beginning with a pan-European referendum, in which we citizens in all European countries will determine how we want our country to participate in our new Europe! - We convinced Europeans shall do it - together, with referenda, dedication, enthusiasm, tolerance and self-confidence!"



*All national, regional and local networks and organizations campaigning for more democracy all over Europe are invited to participate in creating our new, democratic, diverse, prosperous and sustainable Europe of the citizens, with and for us citizens -  for the benefit and delight of all participants and to strengthen democracy and peace across Europe - and in the world! - Citizens' alliance for a new Europe


Image:  We can do it - millions of citizens - in record time! - foto: ARD
We can do it - millions of citizens - in record time!