The EU-Brexit drama (3 acts with happy end)
The cast: 500 million Europeans -

Act 1: The idea 2016
Brexit means: Leaving the EU!

Image: UK Flag

Cameron's ad hoc referendum: in/out?

Independence, free trade!

Cooperating nation states!

Parliament/Gvt.: ⅔  remainers!


Bild: 17,4 Mio - Wir wollen unser Land zurück"
23.6.16: 17,4 Mio.: " Wir wollen unser Land zurück!"

Act 2: The negotiations
EU-27 united!

Image: EU Flag

An ever closer Union - USE! 

No alternative! No way back!
No cherry picking!

Withdrawal deal: "A vassal state!"


Image: EU summit - Britain at a separate table (Foto  Telegraph)
EU Summit: Britain at a separate table

Act 3: Democracy

The citizens' Europe!

"Flag" Our New Europe


Referenda: What kind of Europe?
Democratic, diverse, subsidiary!

A mutually rewarding, sensible Brexit! 

Europe's moment of truth!


Bild: The winners: 500 Mio. emancipated Europeans Foto: ARD,
The winners: 500 Mio. emancipated Europeans!

 Das EU-Brexit drama (3-Akter mit Happy End)
Mitwirkend 500 Mio. Europäerinnen und Europäer -

1. Akt: Die Idee 2016
Brexit heisst raus aus der EU!

Image: UK Flag

Cameron's ad hoc-Referendum: in/out?

Nat.Unabhängigkeit - Freihandel!

Kooperierende Nationalstaaten!

GB Parlament/Reg.: ⅔ für EU!


Bild - 23.6.16: 17,4 Mio  - "Wir wollen unser Land zurück!"
23.6.16 - 17.4 Mio.: " Wir wollen unser Land zurück!"

2. Akt: Verhandlungen
EU-27 geeint!

Image: EU Flag

Eine immer engere Union - USE! 

Keine Alternative! Kein zurück!
Keine Rosinenpickrei!

Austrittsvertrag: "Vasallenstaat!"


Bild: EU-Gipfel - GB allein am Tisch (Foto  Telegraph)
EU-Gipfel: GB allein am Tisch

3. Akt: Demokratie

Das Europa der Bürger!


Referenden: Was für ein Europa?
Demokratie, Vielfalt, Subsidiarität!

Vernünftiger, allen dienender Brexit! 

Europa's Stunde der Wahrheit!


Bild: Die Sieger: 500 Mio. mündige Europäer/innen Foto: ARD,
Die Sieger: 500 Mio. mündige Europäer/innen!

Act 1: The idea 2016
Leave the EU!

1 Referendum: in/out

Free trade - WTO!
Cooperating nation states!


Do you trust your politicians?


Image: 23.6.16, 17,4 Mio:  Leave the EU - "We want our country back"
23.6.16, 17,4 Mio: "We want our country back!"

Act 2: The reality 2019
Politicians' deal rejected!

No alternative! No way back!
No cherry picking!

An ever closer Union! 

"Vassal State"?

Do you trust the EU?   


EU Summit 2017: On another planet - different languages"
EU Summit: "On another planet - different languages"

Act 3: The escape

Citizens' Europe

 Referenda: what kind of Europe?

Brexit for a ne Europe:
A diverse, democratic Europe!

Citizens sensible, able, willing?

Do you trust them? 


Bild: Dedicated, responsible, convinced Europeans!  Foto: ARD,
Dedicated, responsible, convinced Europeans!

 We citizens in Europe

feeling ourselves ignored, disgusted, frustrated and fed up with "Brussels" have enough
are asking millionfold for a new, democratic, diverse Europe of the citzens, with and for the citzens!



Referendum Greece 5.7.2015

5.7.15 Referendum:
EU-"Troika" austerity package rejectet!


13.7.15 Tsipras bows to the austerity diktat of the EU-"Institutionens".


2018: 19% jobless,

(15-24 years old: 42%)
Since 2008: GDP -44%
Pop.: -0,5 Mio. (-5%)


Demonstrating against the Troika in Greese



Referendum France 29.5.2005 European Constitution

29.5.05 Referendum:
European Constitution rejected!


1.12.07: Enforced even so as Lisbon Treaty!

Nov./Dec.18: Tens of thousands furious "Yellow Jackets" demonstrate for "Swiss democracy" in Paris,.. 


Gilets Jaunes in Paris, Nov. 2018



Mario Monti, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel

16.11.11 - 28.4.13  
Mario Monti President of "Technocrats' Govrnment".


EU/creditors' pression, without elections!


2018: EU refuses budget of Cinque Stelle/Lega government EU Defecit procedure?


Salvini, Conte, di Maio - Lega, Cinque Stelle


 United Kingdom

23.6.2016, Brexiteers after the vote to leave

23.6.16 Referendum:
Brexit: Leave the EU!
National independence!

The choice today:

(1) Deal May/EU            

      "Vassal State" 

(2)  No deal: "Chaos"
(3)  2nd referendum:  
      Brexit reversal?

      EU's objective!
      As F,DK,IRL,...?

Theresa May, Donald Tusk, Their Withdrawal Deal!



Angela Merkel

31.8.15 Angela Merkel
- Refugee crisis:
"We shall manage it!"


- AfD 92 federal and
  195 local deputies!
  (all Länder)

- "Populists" in the
    governments of I, A,
    DK, PL, H, CZ, ... 
- Brexit UK


Populist Leaders in Europe

Image: We citizens shall do it! - With the ballot!

A new Europe bottom-up!

Citizens' revolt with the ballot throughout Europe
for a divers, democratic Europe!

Now on

Image: We citizens shall do it! - With the ballot!