EU Advocates 


The politicians' deal:
"The only deal -

TINA: There is no alternative!"
Business as usual:

Top down!

No referenda!


  "A Vassal State"?



Image: Can they do it?


 EU Opponents

"We want our country back!"

"National independence!"
1 Referendum in/out
No deal! 

Can they do it?







The True Europeans


Referendum in each country!

Bottom up!
Our new Europe:
Diverse, democratic!
"We citizens can do it!"

Do we want it?


Citizens' Coup!





EU advocates

Business as usual!


An ever closer Union!
No alternative! No way back! 

No referenda!

 "We shall do it!" - Top down! 



- Crises: Euro, refugees, Ukraine,..
- Stronger EU-critical parties!- 

- Unwelcome national referenda!

Image: EU Flag



EU opponents

Leave the EU!


Following referendum in/out! 
Free trade deals!  

Good neighbours!
"We want our country back"


The challenge

- Withdrawal deal: "Vassal State"?

- No deal: "Chaos"?
- Repeat referendum?


Image: UK Flag



True Europeans



Bottom up!

Diverse! Democratic!

Use crises as chances!
"We shall do it - with the ballot!"


The challenge

- Do citizens all over Europe know it?
- Do they want it?
- Do they vote, in millions?

"Flag" Our New Europe

Image: "We shall do it!" - without referenda;   Foto:
"We shall do it!" - without referenda!


"Brussels" - top-down!

EU advocates: Business as usual!
No alternative! No way back!
"Populists" triumphing!?


Image: Brexit - can they do it?
Can they do it?


Brexit - Leave!

EU opponents: National independence!
Free Trade! Good neighbours!

"Chaos or 'Vassal state'?"


Image: We citzens shal do it! - with the ballot!
We citizens shall do it! - With the ballot!



Our new Europe: Bottom up!

Diverse - democratic!
"Citizens incompetent!" ?



Citizens in the EU 
Ignored - Revolt: populist/demonstration - online
A new, democratic, diverse Europe of, with and for the citizens!