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Either with ballots A, B, or C

Bild: Europa der Politiker, Foto

Ballot A: Brussels

EU+ reinforced
of EU supporters:

An ever closer Union (USE) 

Image: Ballot A - Brussels
Ballot A: Brussels
Bild: Brexit;

Ballot B: Brexit

EU- reduced
of EU opponents:

Leave the EU! 

Image: Ballot B - Brexit
Ballot B: Brexit
Image: L'Europe des citoyens; foto: ARD, 19.9.14

Ballot C: Citizens

EU* transformed
by referenda:
Our New Europe!

Image: Ballot C - Citizens
Ballot C: Citizens

Or with your own ballot

If you do not want to choose one of these ballots A, B or C, or if you would like to sign the Petition for a Europe close to its citizens (question 4 of the questionnaire), please vote by answering at least one of the 9 questions of the questionnaire.

Questionnaire Our New Europe, condensed version

Vote with the questionnaire:
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