Image: the Ukraine crisis - a EU crisis?
The Ukraine crisis;

Ukraine - Belarus - Russia

1. Risks and chances


The crises in Ukraine and Belarus threaten peace in Europe and in the world. The European Union plays an important role in this conflict. Its member states have different opinions on this issue. With the compromise on relatively cautious sanctions against Russia, the EU basically sided with the USA. But the Union does not want an armed conflict because this could have unforeseeable consequences.


In our new Europe, these conflicts also shall be resolved peacefully, democratically in referenda by the citizens of the countries concerned. They could thus trigger a wave of democratization in the whole region!



2. Eastern Europe policy


What policy should Europe pursue regarding Ukraine, Belarus and Russia? Our New Europe invites all citizens across Europe to choose between the following 3 options (questionnaire, question 9): 

  1. EU: As long as the Ukraine crisis is not resolved and the situation in Belarus is uncertain, the economic sanctions against Moscow (and Minsk) have to be maintained or strengthened, if needed! The options of the Ukraine and Belarus to become EU members shall be kept open! The annexation of Crimea by Russia must be condemned! - The EU has to strengthen its common foreign policy and to create a EU defence union with its own armed forces!
  2. Confrontation: The Ukraine and Belarus shall become members of the EU and of NATO as quickly as possible! They have to be supported both economically and militarily! The West shall no more make any concessions to Russia! The Russian annexation of Crimea must be reversed, and the territorial integrity of the Ukraine must be guaranteed! A war against Russia may prove to be unavoidable!
  3. Self-determination: The citizens in the Ukraine, Belarus and Crimea shall be be given the possibility to decide in referenda controlled by the UN and/or the OSCE what kind of country they want: 
  • Ukraine and Belarus: Part of Russia or the West? Or cooperation and free trade agreements both with Russia and the EU?
  • Ukraine: Decentralized confederation that will protect its minorities?
  • Crimea: Part of Russia or Ukraine?

Under these conditions, the sanctions against Russia shall be lifted.