Wanted throughout Europe:

10 million responsible citizens!

Picture: What kind of Europe do you want?- Foto ARD
What kind of Europe do you want? foto: ARD, www.tagesschau.de 19.9.14

Results - up to now (real time):


Exact wording of the questions, answers and the petition: questionnaire;  Detail results: Scenarios; Europe, refugees, Ukraine

I. A right to vote for all Europeans:

Vote for your Europe - 3 clicks!

a) Either with ballot A, B or C!

Ballot A: Brussels

EU+ reinforced of EU supporters

"An ever closer Union!" 

Image: Ballot A - Brussels

Ballot B: Brexit

EU- reduced of EU opponents

"We want our country back!" 

Image: Ballot B - Brexit

Ballot C: Citizens

EU* transformed by referenda
"We want a new Europe!"

Image: Ballot C - Citizens

b) Or with my own ballot using the questionnaire!

You don't want to vote with one of the these ballots, or you want to sign the Petition for a Europe close to its citizens (question 4 of the questionnaire):  please vote therefore with the questionnaire (1 to 9 questions).

II. The citizens' uprise with the ballot on the Internet:

Send e-mail, post, tweet - 3 clicks!

1. Model e-mail

"10 million citizens

throughout Europe

for our new Europe!"

- Add addresses of friends

  and acquaintances!

- Send off with Video!

2. Social media

"I vote for my new Europe on www.our-new-europe.eu! - 


3. Video YouTube

Our new Europe!  

- For your friends and

  acqaintances, too! 


III. 10 million citizens, 10 minutes each = 700 years of work:

Avalanche of votes for "Our New Europe"!

Image: a landslide of ballots!
Trigger a landslide of ballots! foto: ARD, www.tagesschau.de 19.9.14

Thanks a lot!