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Our new Europe

Viral democracy! - Bottom-up! - Referenda!



Paneuropean revolt online for democracy, freedom and peace!
Image:  Vote, fight and win - together!
Europe in your hands! - Vote! - Activate your friends! - Here and now!




Picture: Map of Europe - Petition for a new Europe - number of signatures, state 01.01.2021
State: 01.01.2021




I. Vote for your Europe!

Europe relies on you!


A. Brussels+
EU advocates  

EU+: Reinforced

Ever closer Union/USE!
Political integration!

Economy, Euro, Green Deal, foreign/defence pol., Corona, refugees,...!
Without referenda!
Without the citizens?


Or may be Ballot C?
Europe of the citizens, with and for the citizens!


Image: Ballot A - More power to Brussels!


B. Brexit+

EU opponents 

Bild: UK Flagge

 EU-: Reduced
National autonomy!
We want our country back! Our own laws!
Our own deals!
Free trade worldwide!
Economic growth!

Corona/climate avantgarde!
Disintegration of the EU?


Or may be Ballot C?

Diverse, prospering

 European cooperation! 


Image: Ballot B - Brexit, all shall benefit!


C. Citizens+

The 3rd path

EU*: Reformed

We citizens decide!

In referenda: 

Our country's role in Europe, Constitution, Euro, climate, refugees, Corona,.!

51 countries - all Europe!

Brussels' nightmare?


We can do it, united: 

EU advocates, opponents and EU critics - Ballot C! 


Image: Ballot C - Citizens



Complete now!

"Flag" Our New Europe

If you do not want to vote with ballot A, B or C, please answer at least
1 question of the questionnaire,
e.g. question 4: 
Sign the petition for a new democratic Europe


Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)




II. Millions following you online!

Multiply your vote! - Spread the democracy virus EUVID-21!


 Viral E-mails!

 @ Friends!


Our new Europe



Social media

 Viral infection! 



Sign (question 4)!


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Your fellow fighters!


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III. Our new Europe - by referendum!

The 3rd path between Brussels+ and Brexit+

Image:   The 3rd path between Brussels+ and Brexit+: A diverse, democratic Europe - foto: ARD

Constitutional sword of Damocles:

Empowered citizens! - Politicians serving! - True democracy!



Constitution for Our New Europe - Preamble

The citizens of the participating States adopt the following Constitution for a democratic and diverse, strong and peaceful, prospering and sustainable, subsidiary and free Europe, open to all European countries (Our New Europe, ONE): ...”  

Project Constitution Our New Europe - ONE
Project Constitution ONE.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 116.9 KB


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