Image: the Ukraine crisis - a EU crisis?
The Ukraine crisis;

3.3   The Ukraine Crisis


The Ukraine crisis is a serious risk for peace in Europe and in the world. The EU plays an important role in this conflict. By deciding economic sanctions against Russia, it took the side of the USA. It does not want an armed conflict, however, since this could have unforeseeable consequences.


What kind of policy should the EU pursue in the Ukraine conflict? You are invited to vote and to give your opinion with the questionnaire  (home) by choosing one of the following positions:

  • Position of the EU: As long as the Ukraine crisis has not been resolved and the agreement of Minsk is not met, the economic sanctions against Russia have to be maintained, or even strengthened if needed. The prospect for the Ukraine to become a member of the EU shall remain intact. An armed conflict with Russia has to be avoided. To cope with the refugee problem (Syria), concessions to Russia may be required.

  • Confrontation: The Ukraine shall become a member of the EU and NATO as quickly as possible. The country has to be supported both economically and militarily. The West shall no more make any concessions to Russia. The Russian annexation of the Crimea must be reversed and the territorial integrity of the Ukraine guaranteed, if necessary by using armed forces.

  • Self-determination: The EU has to stop provoking Russia by steadily increasing its support to the Ukraine and by offering her to adhere to the EU and NATO. The Ukrainians shall decide what kind of country they want: a Ukraine more oriented toward Russia or toward the West; or a neutral Ukraine, a bridge between East and West, benefitting form free trade both with Russia and the EU, a decentralized confederation that protects its minorities.


Europe's future is in your hands!

Your opinion counts!

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