Image: Europe's vital questions - refugees, the Euro, the Ukraine
Europe's vital questions;

Europe's Decisive Issues

Immigration, Euro, Ukraine


Three controversial issues, crucial for the future not only of the EU, have largely dominated the political discussion in Europe for years: Immigration, the euro and Ukraine.  “Brussels” in general wants to strengthen its influence through a further centralization and political integration of an ever closer Union, particularly regarding the euro and immigration. “Brussels” also intends to expand its geographic sphere of influence eastwards (Balkans, Turkey, Ukraine). EU opponents generally reject these plans; they ask for free trade and more national independence and warn of a war against Russia, while human rights organizations demand the Union to


human rights organizations demand the Union to be open to all refugees, and many supporters of the EU favour a faster centralization and expansion of the Union.


So far, the citizens in Europe were not given any opportunity, in an EU-wide referendum, to give their opinion on these issues, which are threatening the very existence of the EU in its current form. They are vitally important for security, peace and welfare in Europe and crucially affect the life of all Europeans. "Our New Europe" now invites you to vote on these issues, too.


Here are the most important positions on:

Flüchtlinge im Balkan, August 2015
Balkan, August 2015; Foto Boris Grdanoski / AP


The Euro Crisis in Greece
Euro crisis; Image:
Image: War in the Ukraine
War in the Ukraine;