Image: Voting right for all Europeans all over Europe!
Voting right for all Europeans all over Europe!

1.2  All Europeans invited to vote!


"Our New Europe" invites all Europeans - be they proponents, opponents or critics of the EU - to vote together on the future of Europe. The 51 participating countries are:


  • 28 EU countries +  4 small states: Andorra, San Marino, Monaco, Vatican city (in green in the following map)
  • 3 EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway)
  • 5 EU candidate countries (Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey),
  • 2 Potential EU candidate countries (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo)
  • Switzerland
  • 6 countries of the "Eastern Partnership of the EU" (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, White Russia (Belarus))
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan 
Bild: Europa und die EU
Europe and the European Union (EU, green); source:

Europe's future is in your hands!

Your opinion counts!

The more votes, the clearer the message, the greater the impact!