Image: A Euope of Democracy; Martin Schulz, EU elections 2014
Europe at the abyss - Martin Schulz 21-12-15 (Image: EU elections 2014,

1. Why "Our New Europe"?

Europe at the abyss - and its escape forward



Europe is in crisis with many names: Grexit, Brexit, Euro, refugees, Schengen, Dublin, Ukraine, Turkey, ... The EU has been using only one response: an ever closer, more centralized and larger Union, ultimately the United States Europe; and it basically wants to continue like that: more of the same - the escape forward!


The citizens are systematically left aside. Referenda at the EU level do not exist; national referenda on EU issues are avoided at all costs, results that the EU does not like are ignored, rejected or reinterpreted. The citizens’ frustration increases, as well as the number of EU opponents and the strength of the EU-critical parties.


"Our New Europe" for the first time gives all citizens across Europe the opportunity to participate at a fundamental debate on Europe's future: What kind of Europe and of democracy do Europeans want? Do they want to leave the future of Europe in the hands of the politicians, or would thy like to decide themselves on all major European issues? If the EU does not want to change "from above", it has to be done bottom-up: with a citizens' revolt on-line - with the first pan-european primary referendum, on "Our New Europe":



First Pan-European Primaries!

Our New Europe begins now, with you - look here:

Europe's future is in your hands!

Your opinion counts!

The more votes, the clearer the message, the greater the impact!