10 million Europeans for our new Europe!

Picture: What kind of Europe do you want?- Foto ARD
What kind of Europe do you want? foto: ARD, www.tagesschau.de 19.9.14



Online so far:


Exact wording of the questions, answers and the petition: questionnaire;  Detail results: Scenarios; Europe, refugees, Ukraine


1st step

Vote for Your Europe!

Ballot A: Brussels

EU+: business as usual!
Ever closer, top down: USE

EU advocates

Image: Ballot A - Brussels

Ballot B: Brexit

EU-: Leave the EU!

National autonomy 

EU opponents

Image: Ballot B - Brexit

Ballot C: Citizens

EU*: new, by referendum!
Diverse, democratic, open
EU critics

Image: Ballot C - Citizens

My own Ballot

Questionnaire + Petition


Image: Questionnaire


2nd step

The Citizens' Revolt on Internet with the Ballot Sheet! 

1. Tweet, post!


2. E-mail!


"10 million citizens

throughout Europe

for our new Europe!"

3. Share Video! 


4. Link!


Image: Banner Our New Europe

Image: a landslide of ballots!
Referenda throughout Europe for Europe! foto: ARD, www.tagesschau.de 19.9.14

3. The Europe of the Citizens, for the Citizens, with the Citizens!

 The Citizens' Constitution: for the Citizens, with the Citizens!



For a democratic and diverse, strong and peaceful, free and fair Europe, open to all European countries, the Citizens of the participating States adopt the following Constitution of a European Confederation (EC):


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