Democratic takeover of power in Europe - bottom-up!

Citizens' revolt on-line!

We, millions of citizens, shall create a new Europe!


Image: Vote for your Europe! - Multiply your vote! - Start rebuilding Europe - now! - foto: ARD
Vote for your Europe! - Multiply your vote! - Start rebuilding Europe - now!




1. Vote for your Europe!

Some clicks will do!


A. Brussels+

EU+ Reinforced

Ever closer Union/USE!
Top-down - lockdown:

Decrees, sanctions! 
Corona/climate transfers!

Image: Ballot A - More power to Brussels!


B. Brexit+

National autonomy!

Free trade worldwide! Our own laws, contacts,  corona/climate policy!

Image: Ballot B - Brexit, all shall benefit!


C. Citizens+
 EU* Reformed

Diversity & democracy!

We citizens decide!
With referenda: 
Incl. corona & climate! 

Image: Ballot C - Citizens


D. Qestionnaire
Answer at least 1 Q.!

Image: My own ballot - questionnaire (short version)



2. Multiply your vote!

Viral campaign on-line in your country!

1. Viral E-mail


Our new Europe


2. Social media

3. Manifesto

Portable Network Image Format 257.2 KB

4. Constitution

Adobe Acrobat Document 119.5 KB


4. Draft Constitution


For Our New Europe (ONE)

     The European sovereign - we empowered citizens in all participating countries - enact by referendum the following Constitution for our new, diverse and democratic, strong and peaceful, prosperous and sustainable, subsidiary and free Europe, open to all European countries - in which we citizens have the last word on all important European issues by means of referenda.





5. Wanted throughout Europe!




3. Your choice!

Muzzle or sword of Damocles?


Permanent corona/climate muzzle:
Patronized citizens, locked down top-down!

Image: "Brussels" takes care top-down!
"Brussels" takes care top-down!

Sword of Damocles Referenda:
Disciplined poliicians + empowered citizens creating a new Europe:

Image: Democratic, peaceful, free, prospering and sustainable!
Freedom - peace - self-determination!

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