Petition "For Our New Europe"



To Europe’s politicians, members of:


- the European Parliament

- the European Council

- the European Commission

- the national Parliaments and Governments of the participating 51 countries



Ladies and Gentlemen,


We, the undersigned citizens from all over Europe, call for a flexible and diverse, confederate and subsidiary common Europe for the 21st. century, close to us citizens, a Europe in which minorities are protected and where we all can live together in peace, freedom and prosperity.


In particular, we call for:

  1. A flexible and diverse Europe, in which we citizens determine per referendum our country’s place and role: in a politically integrated core Europe, or in a strong common market or in a vast free trade zone;
  2. A subsidiary Europe, in which only shall be delegated to “Brussels” what is absolutely essential, not however whatever can be dealt with as well or even better by member countries themselves;
  3. A Europe of the citizens, for and with us citizens, where we shall have the last word on all important decisions at the European level;
  4. A new, future-oriented European Constitution (as a legal basis for our new Europe), which shall be elaborated by a Constitutional assembly, elected by us citizens, and which then will be put into force in a referendum in each member country. 


Conscious of our own responsibility for the future of our continent, we shall campaign persistently, resolutely and with peaceful means for this new Europe, until you, Ladies and Gentlemen will efficiently, democratically and without delay implement this petition, after it has been signed by millions of us citizens from all European countries! 



Thank you very much!


We Citizens of Our New Europe:

(name, first name, town and country of residence)