Bild: Corona victims - Brescia, Northern Italy, march 2020 - Foto: picture alliance/dpaClaudio Furlan
Corona victims - Brescia, Northern Italy, march 2020

Corona pandemic

An existential threat!

1.1  Corona experiences


First came the lockdown: in the acute lethal threat posed by the corona virus, each country took the often drastic measures adapted to the rapidly changing emergency situation at the national, regional and local levels needed to protect its own population and to avoid a total breakdown of the national health system.


After the first wave subsided, and as soon as the local situation allowed, the countries gradually eased their emergency measures, to protect their economies and the rule of law. Fundamental rights and democracy were restored, and governments saw ever more the need to appeal to the personal responsibility of their empowered citizens! - In order to avoid a second wave, however, they were often forced to tighten the screw again to isolate newly emerging hot spots at the local and regional level.


Supranational and global organizations, but also the EU, were too far away from these events on site and could not really help for a long time!



1.2  Future pandemics


Who shall be in charge of future pandemics in Europe? - According to question 11 of the questionnaire of our new Europe, all citizens throughout Europe are invited to choose between the following opinions:

  1. EU - top down: “Brussels” wants to decide in future pandemics and calls for more centralization of the health sector - especially for a European health union and new taxes to finance multi-billion aid packages and transfer payments from richer to poorer countries - all this as usual without the involvement of us citizens in referenda!
  2. The European countries - bottom up: Each country must remain responsible in future pandemics and able to decide quickly and flexibly on taking and relaxing quickly effective measures, according to locally rapidly changing needs. - We citizens must be involved in referenda to prepare future pandemics more carefully. The global coordination of pandemics must be improved with an independent monitoring/alarm system at the UN / WHO level.