Image: Our Peace Project! - Implementation! (Foto: zeitimblick)
Our Peace Project - Implementation!

Our Peace Project - Implemented!

1. Bottom up for a peaceful and prosperous Europe!


The EU is on the edge of the abyss: shaken by crises (Euro, refugees, Brexit, Ukraine / Russia,...); threatened by the growing number of opponents and by anti-EU-parties in more and more countries, and blocked by its own rigidity and quarrels.


In fact, there is no alternative, for the EU, to an ever increasing concentration of power in "Brussels", no way back from the ever closer union, and still no room for citizens' decisions, for referenda.


Europe’s salvation "top down" is thus not in sight. That's why a "revolution bottom up" for a peaceful and prosperous, diverse and democratic Europe is needed; supported by millions of dedicated citizens and convinced Europeans across Europe, for a Europe of the citizens, with and for the citizens, created bottom-up (scenario EU*), by means of 3 all-European referenda and 3 popular elections, within 7 years:

  • 2019: Our New Europe referendum/petition; mutually beneficial Brexit; the new EU Parliament votes for a new Europe. 
  • 2020 - Leading decision: The EU (new crew) invites all European countries to participate at a first all-European referendum, in which the citizens throughout Europe will determine their country's role in the new Europe: either in the politically integrated core, or in the single market, or in a vast free trade zone.
  • 2021/25 - Constitution: A Constitutional Council, elected directly by the people throughout Europe, will elaborate a new European constitution, which will be ratified in a referendum in each country.
  • 2025 - General election: The new Europe will formally start functioning with the election of its Parliament.

2. Crises - opportunities!

2.1 Brexit

The citizens throughout Europe, incl. the British citizens, are invited (on Our New Europe) to vote on a new democratic, diverse Europe, in which each country will occupy the place determined by its citizens, in a referendum, i.e. in a politically integrated core Europe, in the European common market, or in a vast European free trade zone.


2.2 Refugees

A European Refugee Union consisting of like-minded European countries, reinforced by voluntary agreements with other European countries and with countries of origin and of transit of the refugees, will be the basis for an effective, democratic common European refugee policy, which shall respect the needs and the potentials both of all European countries and of the refugees.


2.3 Euro

A close Economic, Fiscal and Monetary Union,  including a common budget, transfer payments and revenue sharing  – shall stabilize, legitimize and legally support the Euro.


Countries that do not want to join this Union, shall have the possibility to participate at the European common market or a European free trade zone. Economic cooperation and free trade will bring prosperity and stability to our continent.


2.4 Ukraine and Russia

A common Foreign, Security and Defence Policy of willing countries shall strengthen Europe's role on a global level.


The conflict in the Ukraine shall be settled, if possible, with the help of Russia and the US. The Crimeans shall be given the opportunity to vote in an internationally controlled referendum, on their belonging to Russia or to the Ukraine. The Ukrainians shall vote on their country's future, for instance as a neutral, federal (decentralized) state, serving as a bridge between East and West, in a large European free trade zone from Reykjavik to Valdivostok.

3. A new Constitution

Our new, diverse, democratic Europe can only come into being democratically - with us citizens. It has to be based on a new Constitution. This Constitution will be deliberated and adopted by a Constitutional Council, elected by us citizens in all participating countries; we shall then ratify it and put it into force in a referendum.


The Constitution will be the basis for direct democracy in a flexible and subsidiary Community of European States (CES) with variable geometry, including a politically integrated  Economic, Fiscal and Monetary Union, an effective, efficient and humanitarian European Refugee Union and a common European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy of the willing countries.


Constitution for a new Europe - Preamble

For a democratic and diverse, strong and peaceful, free and fair Europe, open to all European countries, the Citizens of the participating States adopt the following Constitution of a Community of European States (CES):”  

European Constitution.pdf
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4. Referenda creating trust

To win the trust of its citizens, Europe must first trust its citizens, with referenda, because:


Nothing frustrates citizens more than politicians who ignore, disregard, reject and misuse referenda for their own purposes, or repeat them, until the results suit them!

On the other hand: nothing strengthens the citizens' interest in Europe, their sense of belonging together and their democratic responsibility, their feeling to be taken seriously by politicians, but also their commitment to Europe as much as regular, constitutionally determined referenda, which are put into effect after open, fair campaigns, on all essential European issues!


"Brussels" - top down
Business as usual!

Image: "We can do it!" - Without referenda!;   Foto:
"We can do it!" - Without referenda!


Brexit - referendum in/out
National independence!

Image: Can they do it?
Can they do it?


Our new Europe

with and for the citizens!

Image: shall do it! - With the ballot!
We shall do it! - With the ballot!