Image: We launch our European Peace Project! (Foto: zeitimblick)
We launch our European Peace Project!

European Peace Project

1. Europe bottom-up!

The scenario EU* shows the democratic path to the European peace project:


The Brexit, the euro crisis and the refugee crisis as well as the increasingly strong EU-critical and EU-hostile parties in numerous countries are bringing the EU to the brink of collapse. With its relentless adherence to an ever closer, more centralized Union, the EU threatens to finally fail.

A rescue "from above" cannot be expected. The creation of a new, diverse, democratic Europe requires the initiative of millions of dedicated, responsible and committed citizens, beginning with an overwhelming avalanche of voices and a petition on the Internet, followed - if neccessary - by ever-expanding, peaceful mass demonstrations across Europe, so that politicians have no choice but to initiate a fundamental renewal of Europe.


Democratically on-line...


1000 committed citizens launching viral Internet campaign on!



1 million votes (signatures of petition)  

for a new Europe!



10 million votes for a new Europe!
(EU-Parliament for a new European Union)



100 million votes for a new Europe!
(10 national Parliaments for a new EU)
... by all-European referenda



1st European Referendum:
40 countries for a new Europe!



Europäischer Constitutional Assembly
Elections in 40 countries!



Ratification of the European Constitution
Referenda in 40 countries!


1st all- European elections of the  European Government and Parliament

2. Crises - opportunities!

2.1 Brexit

The Brexit negociations shall be conducted in an open, contructive spirit, leading to mutually beneficial solutions.


Brexit shall contribute to a prosperous, democratic and diverse new Europe, where all countries, including the United Kingdom, can occupy the place determined by its citizens, e.g. also  in the Common Market or the vast European Free Trade Zone.


2.2 Refugees

A European Refugee Union consisting of like-minded European countries, reinforced by voluntary agreements with other European countries and with countries of origin and of transit of the refugees, will be the basis for an effective, democratic common European refugee policy, which shall respect the needs and the potentials both of all European countries and of the refugees.


2.3 Euro

A close Economic, Fiscal and Monetary Union, led by an economic government - including transfer payments and revenue sharing as well as criteria for membership, accession and withdrawal – shall stabilize, legitimize and legally support the Euro.


Countries that do not want to join the Union, shall have the possibility to participate at the European Common Market or a European Free Trade Zone. Economic cooperation and free trade will bring prosperity and stability to our continent.


2.4 Ukraine, Russia, Syria

A common Foreign, Security and Defence Policy of willing countries shall strengthen Europe's role on a global level.


The conflict in the Ukraine shall be settled with the help of Russia and the US. The Crimeans shall be given the opportunity to vote in an internationally controlled referendum, on their belonging to Russia or to the Ukraine. The Ukrainians shall vote on their country's future, for instance as a neutral, federal (decentralized) Ukraine, serving as a bridge between East and West, in a large European free trade zone from Reykjavik to Valdivostok.

3. A new Constitution!

Our new, diverse, democratic Europe can only come into being democratically - with us citizens. It has to be based on a new Constitution. This Constitution will be deliberated and adopted by a Constitutional Council, elected by us citizens in all participating countries; we shall then ratify it and put it into force in a referendum.


The Constitution will be the basis for direct democracy in a flexible and subsidiary Community of European States (CES) with variable geometry, including a politically integrated  Economic, Fiscal and Monetary Union, an effective, efficient and humanitarian European Refugee Union and a common European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy of the willing countries.


Constitution CES.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 874.1 KB

Constitution for a new Europe - Preamble

“We the citizens adopt the following Constitution of a democratic and diverse, strong and peace-making, free, fair and prosperous Community of European States (CES), open to all European countries.”  

4. Referenda

4.1 Sovereign, convinced Europeans

Referenda are the expression of dedicated, sovereign citizens and of Europe's trust in its citizens; they are the key to political responsibility and the basis of democracy; because:

(1) Nothing frustrates us citizens more than politicians, who ignore, violate, reject or simply misuse referenda for their own purposes.  


(2) Nothing will arouse our interest in Europe better than a binding referendum in all European countries on the future of Europe.

(3) Nothing will strengthen our sense of solidarity, our democratic competences as well as our feeling to be taken seriously by Brussels more effectively than constitutionally defined referenda on all key European issues.


(4) Nothing can promote our enthusiasm and commitment to Europe better, than regular, open, fair referendum campaigns on Europe! 

4.2 A strong,  peaceful and prosperous new Europe!

Referenda are the key to a new, diverse, democratic and strong Europe:


(1) A Europe, in which all European countries, peoples and cultures can live together and cooperate in peace, freedom and prosperity;

(2) A Europe which will assume an exemplary political, economic and peace-keeping role on a global level.

(3) A Europe with democratically fully responsible, convinced, may be even enthusiastic Europeans.


Our new Europe

The citizens' Europe - bottom up!

Image: We citizens can do it - with the ballot!  Foto: ARD,
We citizens can do it - with the ballot!


Business as usual
Ever more "Brussels" - top down!

Image:"We can do it!" - managing the crises;   Foto:
"We can do it!" - managing the crises!