Image: Our New Europe - beacon for peace, liberty, democracy and human dignity - Peace project - Community of values!
*Peace project - Community of values!

European Peace Project

1. Democracy, peace, liberty, human rights!

With and for us citizens!


All European peoples want peace and good neighbor-hood! Nobody wants wars, as in the 19th and 20th centuries, which brought nothing but unbearable suffering, hunger and misery. All European countries want a diverse and prosperous collaboration in as many areas as possible.


But does this require a European superstate, an ever closer, more centralized, more powerful Union, in which citizens are called to the ballot box once only every 5 years to vote at the "European elections"?


The EU has for years been shaken by crises (Euro, refugees, Brexit, Ukraine / Russia, Corona,.. .) and is increasingly and directly threatened by its opponents and EU critical political parties. The Union is seriously divided between countries in Northern and Southern, Eastern and Western Europe. Badly needed reforms fail time and again because of internal quarrels and the lacking willingness to compromise in "Brussels".


The EU has only one answer to all these problems: it asks for ever more power to take on a leading role in the world, as soon as possible, as the United States of Europe (USE). In this context, direct democracy and referenda are a nightmare for "Brussels", since they  could block its integration process, claimed to be "without any alternative".


So if we really want a new, democratic, diverse and prosperous Europe, in which we empowered citizens have the last word in referenda, we have to create it ourselves - bottom-up, with the means of the 21st century for the 21st century, in a viral-democratic citizens' revolt online - now!


That's why we are now calling with our democratic manifesto for a new Europe of the 21st century, which we Europeans want to implement within a few years:

  1. First, we are launching a huge public debate on the future of Europe, in which all citizens throughout Europe are called upon to vote for our new Europe, here and now, and to mobilize at the same time at least 2 friends, so that, within a few weeks, a huge, viral, exponentially growing chorus of millions of Europeans will increasingly and unmistakably be demanding a new Europe, the general right to vote and more diversity and democracy!
  2. "Brussels" and politicians throughout Europe will be forced to follow us and to act accordingly, in order to prevent the EU's total collapse, by resolutely initiating without delay the creation of a flexible and prosperous new Europe for and with us citizens!
  3. Our ever growing army of many millions of committed citizens and convinced Europeans throughout Europe, which can easily be mobilzed online any time and at short notice, will make sure by means of constantly threatening internet-based pan-European referenda, that our new Europe will - as European peace project and community of European values - become a reality, by democratic means, within a few years, and then continue to prosper and strongly develop for the benefit of all European countries and peoples (EU*)!





Our new Europe - for us citizens!


1.   A diverse, democratic Europe, open to the world, in which we citizens determine, in referenda, the European issues we want to resolve in referenda: our country's role in Europe, the European Constitution, euro, immigration, climate change, pandemics ...


2.   A prosperous, strong, subsidiary Europe from Vladivostok to Reykjavik, in which all countries cooperate, peacefully, efficiently and to the benefit of all, according to the will of us, citizens.


3.   A Europe that takes us seriously als its sovereign, responsible, self-confident, empowered citizens and convinced, emancipated and critical Europeans - since we have the final say in Europe - in referenda! 





 - with us citizens! 




I. Corona chance: Our new Europe now!

  1. Citizens' viral revolt: Millions asking for a diverse, democratic, new Europe!
  2. Change of power and paradigm: Brussels and politicians use crises as chances for a new Europe -
    for and with us citizens! 




II. Democratic implementation on-/offline

  1. Referendum "My country in Europe":
    • Core / common market / free trade?
    • Elaboration of new Constitution?
  2. New European Constitution:
    • Direct election of Constit. Council 
    • Ratification in national referenda
  3. First European elections: 
    Parliament and Government


2. Never waste a good crisis!

2.1  Corona / Pandemics


Corona will ignite a huge viral democratic revolt across Europe - for a new, diverse, democratic Europe of the citizens, with and for us citizens, a Europe in which EU supporters, EU opponents and EU critics shall decide by means of referenda on the legal authority for fighting pandemics in Europe:

  1. As members of the politically integrated core of our new Europe, EU supporters can determine in referenda Europe's leading role in fighting pandemics and assign this responsibility to a new European health Union.
  2. The EU opponents and critics, as members of the European free trade area or of the European common market (with the free movement of goods, services and capital, but not of people), can confirm their country's priority and responsibility for all measures that are required to fight a pandemic. 

    And they can campaign for a better international coordination of pandemic control by creating an efficient, independent UN / WHO agency.

Corona - a chance for our new Europe!

Our new Europe - a chance for

an efficient global pandemic strategy!

2.2  Climate crisis


In our new Europe, all citizens across Europe - desperate, worried, and skeptical about climate change - can decide on the European energy and climate policy in referenda and thus contribute significantly to solving the global climate crisis:

  1. The politically integrated core of our new Europe offers to the often desperate supporters of Greta Thunberg and the climate youth an ideal platform for the practical realization of their radical demands with democratic means.
  2. The supporters of Europe's global leadership also in the climate area can enforce their view by referenda, as members of the politically integrated core of our new Europe.
  3. The supporters of an optimal global climate strategy can assume their responsibility for the climate in a global citizens' alliance on all political levels - community, region, nation, Europe and the world; in our Europe in the Common market or Free trade zone, with efficient, climate-effective economic and trade relations and cooperation, especially in research, education and transport.

The climate crisis - a chance for our new Europe!

Our new Europe - a chance for the climate and for maximum global CO2 reductions!



2.3  Brexit

The citizens throughout Europe, incl. the British, can vote, in our new Europe, in a first pan-European Referendum on their country's role in this new Europe, either in its politically integrated core Europe, or in the European common market, or simply in a vast European free trade zone.


EU opponents and Brexiteers, who want their country to take part in such a prosperous and beneficial economic European cooperation, can thus vote for this new Europe, too.



2.4  Refugees

A European Union for refugees consisting of like-minded European countries, reinforced by voluntary agreements with other European countries and with countries of origin and of transit of the refugees, will be the basis for an effective, democratic common European refugee policy, respecting both the needs of the refugees and the very different potentials and wishes of the participating countries.


EU proponents, opponents and critic can support such a flexible Union for refugees in our new Europe.


2.5  Euro and economic policy

A close Economic, Fiscal and Monetary Union (EEU),  with its own EU economic government, budget and taxes, as well as transfer payments from rich to poor countries and revenue sharing within the core Europe, shall stabilize, legitimize and provide the necessary legal support to the Euro.


Countries that do not want to join this Union, shall have the possibility to participate at a European free trade zone or at the European common market / economic area (EEA; free movement of goods, services and captital, without free movement of people and without Euro). Economic cooperation and free trade will bring prosperity and stability throughout our continent.


Both EU advocates and EU opponents and critics can support this comprehensive, flexible economic cooperation in our new Europe, which benefits all European countries.


2.6  Ukraine, Russia, foreign policy

A common European Foreign, Security and Defence policy of willing countries shall strengthen Europe's position on a global level. All European countries shall contribute according to their citizens' decisions.


The conflict in the Ukraine shall be settled, with the help of Russia and Europe, and possibly the USA. The Crimeans shall be given the opportunity to vote in an internationally controlled referendum on their belonging to Russia or to the Ukraine. The Ukrainians shall vote on their country's future, for instance as a neutral, federal (decentralized) state in a large European free trade zone from Reykjavik to Vladivostok, serving as a bridge between Estern and Western Europe that will bring peace and prosperity to the whole region.


Europe, Russia and the USA, too, should accept these popular verdicts and, if necessary, guarantee these referenda.




3. A democratic Constitution

Citizens' rights and duties, diversity, subsidiarity!


Our new, diverse, democratic Europe has to be created democratically, bottom-up - with us citizens. It has to be based on a new Constitution. This Constitution will be drafted and adopted by a Constitutional Council, elected by the citizens in all participating countries, who will then ratify it and put it into force in a referendum.


The new Constitution defines the concept of direct democracy in a flexible and subsidiary Community of free, sovereign European States (CES) with variable geometry, including: A politically integrated European economic, fiscal and monetary union (EEU); a European common market / new economic area (EEA); a vast free-trade union; an effective, efficient and humanitarian European refugee union; and a common European foreign, security and defence policy of the willing countries.


Decisive for this democratic, diverse Europe are constitutionally defined common values and objectives, the rights and duties of its citizens (fundamental and civil rights, incl. referenda and popular initiatives), as well as the principles of the separation of powers, subsidiarity and federalism (according to the German definition of a decentralized country, a confederation). In this regard, the draft at hand relies especially on the Swiss Constitution. 


Compared to to-day’s Switzerland, the CES however will be:

  • More diverse: The CES includes many more cultures and languages than Switzerland, and the Swiss cantons are today less autonomous than the countries of the (new) EEA / common market and of the free trade zone.
  • Less directly democratic: Member countries of the CES can keep their very different national political structures and institutions, in particular parliamentary democracy (even the countries in the politically integrated core Europe).

In comparison with today's EU, the CES is:

  • Larger: All countries between Vladivostok and Reykjavik are invited to participate in the new Europe according to their citizens’ decision;
  • More democratic: At the CES level, there are regular, constitutionally defined plebiscites, in particular the constitutional initiative and the legislative referendum, as well as democratic elections of the CES parliament, government and court of justice;
  • More diverse, less centralized: Apart from the integrated core Europe, member countries keep their political, economic, social and cultural independence. They can nonetheless participate - by means of bilateral agreements – at common projects, programs and tasks (e.g. in the fields of refugees, research, education, transport and communication);
  • More subsidiary: No task shall be transferred to the CES, that member countries can themselves deal with as well or even better than the CES. The citizens decide, which competences they want to delegate. 

Constitution for a new Europe - Preamble

“To create a democratic and diverse, strong and peaceful, prospering, sustainable and subsidiary, free and fair Europe, open to all European countries, the citizens of the participating States adopt the following Constitution of a Community of European States (CES): ...”  


Constitution CES.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 111.7 KB

4. Referenda for our new Europe!

Trust citizens or politicians?


There is no true democracy without mutual trust between the state and its citizens - and there is no better way to create such trust than referenda - since:


Nothing strengthens the interest of us citizens in Europe, our commitment to Europe, our sense of belonging together and our democratic responsibility, as well as our certainty to be taken seriously by Europe, like regular constitutionally determined referenda, in which we citizens can decide (after open, fair, instructive, often fierce, yet always respectful campaigns) all essential European issues!


On the other hand, nobody frustrates, offends and hurts us more than politicians who ignore, disregard, reject, launch - or misuse referenda for their own purposes and careers, or even repeat them, until the results suit them!


Bottom-up or top-down?


All attempts by "Brussels" and European politicians to impose their increasingly powerful and centralized Europe top-down, without or even against us citizens and without referenda, e.g. with a non-democratic constitution (2005) or with a multy-billion solidarity fund (2020), have been and will be stopped by Europe's diversity and the strong resistance of us, empowered citizens, and will finally destroy this Europe!


We citizens across Europe create our new, diverse, decentralized, subsidiary, sustainable Europe, our peace project and community of values, bottom-up, by assuming our responsibility for our Europe in referenda, separating, restricting and controlling the power of each of our authorities, but trusting us citizens and giving every one of them a voice so that we citizens will have the final say on all important decisions in our new Europe.




5. We can do it - with referenda!

Millions of convinced Europeans!

  1. EU advocates who want to avoid its collapse, to strengthen Europe on a sustainable basis in all areas and to ensure their own country's participation in the politically integrated core of our new Europe;
  2. EU opponents, who want their own country to take advantage from the diverse, successful and beneficial economic cooperation in our new Europe, in particular in its large European free trade area or in its common market;
  3. Citizens frustrated by "Brussels", who for the first time feel to be taken seriously by Europe and therefore begin to trust it and to stand up for our new democratic, diverse, prospering Europe;

  4. All the citizens who want to have the final say on all important Eurpean issues by means of referenda and who want to vote more than once every five years only (in the "European elections")!

Our New Europe!


Our army of many millions of empowered, critical, responsible citizens and convinced Europeans across Europe will ensure wirth permanently threatening Damocles' sword referenda that our new Europe will materialize swifly and democratially:

  1. A flexible and prospering Europe that uses its crises as a chance for a successful, vital and diverse cooperation that brings wealth and benefits to all European countries and peoples! 
  2. A subsidiary, decentralized, diverse Europe with and for us citizens, in which we detect our European identity and values in the immense wealth of our cultures, languages and traditions!
  3. A strong, stable and sustainable Europe, resistant to crises, that shines as the European peace project in the whole world - for freedom, democracy, peace, human rights and human dignity!


1. Brussels
As usual: Top-down!

Picture: Without referenda! -Without the citizens?  Foto:
Without referenda! -Without the citizens?


2. Brexit
National independence!

Picture: In/out-referendum decided top-down?
In/out-referendum decided top-down?


3. Citizens

Referenda: Bottom-up!

Picture: Are you ready to fight for our Europe?
Are you ready to fight?