Image: Our New Europe - beacon for peace, liberty, democracy and human dignity - Peace project - Community of values!
*Peace project - Community of values!

Peace Project


Our new Europe - for us citizens!


1.   A diverse, democratic Europe, open to the world, in which we citizens determine, in referenda, the European issues we want to resolve ourselves in referenda: e.g. our country's role in Europe, the European Constitution, the euro, immigration, climate change, pandemics ...


2.   A prosperous, strong, subsidiary and cooperating Europe from Vladivostok to Reykjavik, in which all countries cooperate peacefully, efficiently and to the benefit of all countries and peoples, according to the will of us, citizens.


3.   A Europe that takes us seriously als its sovereign, responsible, self-confident, empowered citizens and convinced, emancipated and critical Europeans - since we have the final say in Europe - in referenda! 




 - with us citizens! 




I. Corona reset: Our new Europe now!

  1. Citizens' viral revolt: Millions asking for our new, diverse, democratic Europe!
    (Democratic manifesto)
  2. Change of power and paradigm: Brussels and politicians use crises to strengthen, diversify and democratize Europe! 




II. Democratic implementation - referenda!

  1. Referendum "My country in Europe":
    • In the integrated core Europe, in the common market or free trade area?
    • Participation at the elaboration of the new Constitution?
  2. New European Constitution:
    • Direct election of Constit. Council 
    • Ratification in national referenda
  3. First European elections: 
    Parliament and Government



1. "Never waste a good crisis!"


We citizens across Europe use the crises in the EU as chances to strengthen democracy, peace, freedom, security and welfare in Europe and in the world! - Together, bottom-up, with referendа:

  1. Reinforced by the Corona crisis, the Brexit will trigger an irresistible wave of democratization across Europe. In a first pan-European referendum, we citizens will determine our country's role in our new Europe: politically integrated or freely associated. This will be the first step towards a peaceful, diverse and prosperous cooperation among all European peoples and countries.
  2. The refugee crisis will be mastered with a successful, humanitarian, flexible common European refugee policy - by means of a new refugee union of like-minded European countries, reinforced by voluntary agreements with other European countries and with countries of origin and transit of the refugees.
  3. The euro crisis will be overcome on a sustainable basis by creating a close economic, monetary and fiscal union (EMU) for the countries willing to politically integrate themselves. All other European countries are invited to join the European free trade area or the common market / economic area (EEA; free movement of goods, services and capital, but without free movement of people and without the euro). - The resulting strong economic cooperation and free trade in Europe will bring prosperity and stability to the entire continent.
  4. After Corona, we citizens in every country are calling for the immediate careful preparation and planning of flexible, efficient emergency programs and laws, adapted to local and national circumstances and approved by us citizens in referenda, and for the creation of a well trained, experienced emergency organization that can be mobilized any time at short notice - as well as for an unbureaucratic cooperation at the European level and an efficient, independent global monitoring and alarm system at the UN / WHO to fight future pandemics.
  5. In our new Europe, we citizens shall create a global democratic citizens' alliance for the climate and commit ourselves at all political levels (municipality, region, nation and UN) for an efficient, subsidiary, global climate program showing maximum worldwide climate impact! - bottom-up! 
  6. Each country can participate at the common European foreign, security and defense policy by deciding in the first pan-European referendum to join our politically integrated core Europe (Art. 8 and 9 of the draft constitution).
  7. The Eastern European crises will be resolved peacefully and democratically, with the citizens of Ukraine, Crimea and Belarus deciding on their country's future in referenda controlled by UN and/or OSCE observers. This could trigger a wave of democratization across Eastern Europe.

2. A democratic Constitution

2.1 Content


Our new, diverse, democratic Europe has to be created democratically, bottom-up - with us citizens. It has to be based on a new Constitution. This Constitution will be drafted and adopted by a Constitutional Council, elected by the citizens in all participating countries, who will then ratify it and put it into force in a referendum.


The new Constitution defines the concept of direct democracy for our new Europe (ONE) with variable geometry, including: A politically integrated European economic, fiscal and monetary union (EEU); a European common market / new economic area (EEA); a vast free-trade union; an effective, efficient and humanitarian European refugee union; and a common European foreign, security and defence policy of the willing countries.


Decisive for this democratic, diverse Europe are constitutionally defined common values and objectives, the rights and duties of its citizens (fundamental and civil rights, incl. referenda and popular initiatives), as well as the principles of the separation of powers, subsidiarity and federalism (according to the German definition of a decentralized country, a confederation). In this regard, the draft at hand relies especially on the Swiss Constitution. Compared to to-day’s Switzerland, our new Europe however will be:

  • More diverse: It includes many more cultures and languages than Switzerland, and the Swiss cantons are today less autonomous than the countries of the (new) EEA / common market and of the free trade zone.
  • Less directly democratic: Member countries of our new Europe can keep their very different national political structures and institutions, in particular parliamentary democracy (even the countries in the politically integrated core Europe).

2.2  Our new Europe and the EU


In comparison with today's EU, our new Europe is:

  • Larger: All countries between Vladivostok and Reykjavik are invited to participate in the new Europe according to their citizens’ decision;
  • More democratic: In our new Europe, there will be regular, constitutionally defined plebiscites, in particular the constitutional initiative and the legislative referendum, as well as democratic elections of the CES parliament, government and court of justice;
  • More diverse, less centralized: Apart from the integrated core Europe, member countries keep their political, economic, social and cultural independence. They can nonetheless participate - by means of bilateral agreements – at common projects, programs and tasks (e.g. in the fields of refugees, research, education, transport and communication);
  • More subsidiary: In our new Europe, no task shall be transferred to "Brussels", that member countries can themselves deal with as well or even better. The citizens decide, which competences they want to delegate and centralize. 

3. Referenda - our sword of Damocles

3.1 Create trust!


There is no true democracy without mutual trust between the state and its citizens - and there is no better way to create and reinforce such a trust than referenda - since:


Nothing strengthens the interest of us citizens in Europe, our commitment to Europe, our sense of belonging together and our democratic responsibility for our new Europe, as well as our certainty to be taken seriously by this Europe, like regular constitutionally determined referenda, in which we citizens throughout Europe can decide (after open, fair, instructive, often fierce, yet always respectful campaigns) all essential European issues! - Switzerland proves this every quarter!


On the other hand, nothing frustrates, offends and hurts us citizens more than politicians who ignore, disregard, reject, launch - or misuse referenda for their own purposes and careers, or even repeat them, until the results suit them! - Unfortunately, this happens time and again - not only in the EU!



3.2 Let's take responsibility!


All attempts of "Brussels" and of its politicians to impose their increasingly powerful and centralized Europe top-down, without consultig us citizens in referenda (e.g. European Constitution 2003), or even against the citizens' decisions in national referenda (e.g. France and the Netherlands; Constitution 2005), are doomed to failure because of Europe's immense cultural, political and historic diversity and the resistance of us, empowered citizens and convinced Europeans!


We citizens must empower ourselves and assume our resposibility for our new Europe by giving each and every one of us a voice, so that we can implement it, by means of referenda, bottom-up: We'll have the last word on all main issues (e.g. constitution, crises, new members); and we'll effectively control our politicians and authorities and, if necessary, sanction them - with the ballot sheet! 



Referenda and sovereign citizens

Nightmare for all professional politicians and autocrats! 


In our new Europe, we citizens decide in referenda everything that affects us directly. Referenda give us dignity, respect and self-confidence, yet also oblige us to accept our responsibility for ourselves, for our community and nation, for Europe and in the world - and to master crises together, including Corona and climate change! With the ballot as an ever-threatening sword of Damocles, we discipline our politicians, make them our servants and democratize Europe and the world! - We have the last word in our Europe as its sovereign - a horror for "Brussels" and Eurocrats!



4. We shall can do it!

4.1 Millions of citizens!

  1. All EU advocates who - after Brexit - want to avoid the Union's collapse, to strengthen Europe in all areas and to ensure their own country's participation in the politically integrated core of our new Europe;
  2. All EU opponents, who want their own country to take advantage, too, from the diverse, successful and beneficial economic cooperation in our new Europe, especially in its free trade area or in its new common market;
  3. All the citizens frustrated by "Brussels", who, feeling for the first time to be taken seriously by our new, democratic, diverse Europem, begin trusting and standing up for it;
  4. All the EU citizens who want to have the final say on European (and may be more often also national) issues and crises by means of referenda and who want to vote more than once every five years only (in "European elections")!

  5. All  Europeans outside the EU who want to participate, too, at the creation of our Europe!

4.2 Our peace project!


We citizens shall ensure - with our sword of Damocles of permanently threatening referenda - that our European peace project will be implemented quickly and democratically and will then continue to prosper and grow:

  1. A flexible and prospering Europe that uses its crises as a chance for a successful, vital and diverse cooperation that brings wealth and benefits to all European countries and peoples! 
  2. A subsidiary, decentralized, diverse Europe with and for us citizens, in which we citizens detect our European identity and values in the immense wealth of our cultures, languages and traditions!
  3. A strong, stable and sustainable Europe, resistant to crises, that shines as the European peace project in the whole world - for democracy, peace, freedom, human rights and human dignity!


1. Brussels
As usual: Top-down!
EU+ reinforced!


Picture: Without referenda! - Without the citizens?  Foto:
Without referenda! - Without the citizens?


2. Brexit
National independence!
EU- reduced!


Picture: Referenda decided top-down!
Referenda decided top-down!


3. Citizens

Referenda: Bottom-up!
EU* transformed!


Picture: Ready to fight for our Europe?
Ready to fight?