Bild: Corona victims - Brescia, Northern Italy, march 2020 - Foto: picture alliance/dpaClaudio Furlan
Corona victims - Brescia, Northern Italy, march 2020

Corona pandemic

An existential threat!

1.  Corona experiences


March 2020 - the lockdown: in the acute lethal threat posed by the corona virus, most countries, also in Europe, often took drastic measures - adapted to the rapidly changing emergency situation at the national, regional and local levels - to protect their population and to avoid a total breakdown of the national health system.


After the first wave subsided, and as soon as the local situation allowed, the affected countries gradually relaxed their emergency measures in order to protect their economy and the rule of law. The citizens asked more and more vehemently for the return to normalcy, democracy, and personal responsibility - while governments were often forced to tighten the screws again at the local and regional level in order to avoid a second wave. After this wave erupted in autumn 2020, the affected countries, regions and towns again took very different, locally and temporally quickly changing protective measures, including information, education and recommendations, the use of vast campaigns for testing, tracing and vaccination up to half or full lockdowns with corresponding aid packages.


For a long time, supranational and global organizations, including the EU, were barely able to act; but then "Brussels" managed to use Corona for another big step towards integration: On July 21, 2020 - after long discussions - a special EU summit passed а 750 billion euro aid package for particularly affected countries! - Thereafter, however, the "EU tanker" failed in the procurement of vaccines for member countries - especially compared with the "speedboat" Great Britain after Brexit - but demands all the more energetically an EU vaccination passport with mandatory criteria for all member countries (e.g. licenced vaccines, personal data). 



2.  What now?


How shall Europe deal with pandemics in the future? - According to question 11 of the questionnaire of our new Europe, all citizens throughout Europe are invited to choose between the following three opinions:

  1. EU - top down - centralized: "Brussels" wants to deal with pandemics, including Corona, consistently and resolutely. Europe-wide border closings, drastic regulations and lockdowns as well as new huge EU aid packages should not be excluded. Campaigns for tracing, testing and vaccination have to be coordinated across Europe. 

    In view of future pandemics, the EU calls for the centralization of the health sector - incluiding, especially, European health union, with the EU Commission acting as the European Treasury, and new EU taxes to finance huge aid packages and transfer payments from the rich to poorer EU countries - all this, however, as usual without the involvement of us citizens in referenda!
  2. Citizens in all European countries - bottom up - decentralized: Each country must remain responsible in pandemics so that in can quickly and flexibly take or relax the appropriate measures, according to the locally and temporally rapidly changing needs - while resolutely relying on its empowered, responsible citizens.

     regulations and lockdowns are to be used extremely cautiously, only as a last resort, limited, if possible, to the public area. For the general public, fact-based information, training and recommendations to comply with hygiene, mask and distancing rules and to use the home office, as well as incentives to participate at efficient, non-mandatory tracing, testing and vaccination  campaigns are the most important measures.

    In preparing future pandemics and emergency plans and building a powerful, crisis-resistant national emergency organization, all relevant government agencies and levels and all relevant private organizations must be involved; while the citizens must have the last word in the development of the necessary legal bases by means of referenda
    - At the international level, an unbureaucratic and efficient European cooperation is required, and a reliable, independent global pandemic monitoring and alarm system at the UN / WHO has to be created urgently

  3. National governments with more permanent power: The Corona crisis management of European countries has proven itself and must be continued and, if necessary, reinforced. Each national government must have full responsibility and all the powers required in pandemics to impose all necessary, even drastic, measures immediately, from lockdowns to border closings and to aid packages worth billions - temporarily, if the situation so requires, even without the involvement of parliament and citizens! - The EU shall continue to provide massive financial support to its member states.

    To avoid further Corona waves, each national government in Europe must keep the epidemic under strict control, allowing a relaxation only with extreme caution and, if the situation requires, not shying away from stabilizing or even strengthening the rules of conduct in all areas of life (incl. a national or EU vaccination passport). In addition, each government must unconditionally and without delay do everything possible to revitalize and sustainably support the badly damaged economy of its country to avoid at all costs mass unemployment, bankruptcy cascades and the impoverishment of large parts of its population. To achieve a lasting economic upswing, governments must implement, if necessary, without hesitation long-term, comprehensive national aid programs for all affected sectors, while accepting an increase in national debts - counting on very low interest rates thanks to the central bank's consistently pursued expansionary monetary policy.

3.  Democratic Manifesto

The democratic manifesto of Our New Europe wants to trigger with the dangerously aggressive democracy virus (а completely new Corona mutant EUVID-21 suddenly spreading en masse across Europe) a huge online pandemic for a new, diverse, democratic Europe - the Europe of the citizens, with and for us citizens, in which EU supporters, opponents and critics can co-determine an optimal global strategy to fight pandemics by means of referenda:

  1. As members of the politically integrated core of our new Europe, EU supporters can define in referenda the leading global role they want Europe to play also in the field of pandemics and then assign this responsibility to new centralised European Unions for public health and the economy.
  2. As members of the European free trade area or of the European common market (free movement of goods, services and capital, but not of people, and without the Euro), EU opponents and critics can reaffirm and strengthen the responsibility of their country and of us empowered citizens to combat pandemics, determine an efficient, non-beaurocratic coopeation at European level and demand that their country and Europe vigorously campaign for a reliable, independent global monitoring and alarm system, e.g. at the UN/WHO, to fight future pandemics. 

Corona - chance for our new, diverse, democratic Europe!
For millions of empowered citizens throughout Europe!

Image: Democray pandemic online! - We'll take power by referenda!
Democray pandemic online! - We'll take power by referenda!