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Dear Fellow Citizens throughout Europe,



Four years after the first versions of "Our New Europe", the EU is in an even more worrying situation: in June 2016, the United Kingdom’s citizens decided to withdraw from the Union. The refugee crisis is dividing the Union more than ever. The euro problem remains unresolved. EU-critical and EU-hostile forces have gained ground, e.g. in Austria, Italy, Hungary and Poland. 


The EU seems to ignore these facts. It continues its "business as usual" policy of more and more centralization and power in ”Brussels” as the only viable alternative and answer in all its crises; it continues to ignore the results of unwanted national referenda and is suggesting  a second referendum on the Brexit in the UK. 


As a Swiss citizen and a convinced - EU-critical - European, I am more than ever of the opinion that things can not go on like this, that only a diverse, more democratic Europe can have a chance of success, and that the vast majority of Europeans - including the hard Brexiteers - want to live together in Europe peacefully and to cooperate for the mutual benefit in areas such as, e.g., free trade, research and transport.


To-day, "Our New Europe" is thus more relevant than ever: there is indeed an alternative to "Brussels" and "Brexit": the renewal of Europe by the citizens, with and for the citizens! 


Please participate and share your opinion on this blog!


Europe’s destiny lies in your hands! 

We shall create our new Europe - together!



Many thanks

Hans L. Schmid



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